How to Create U Bracket

In this tutorials you will learn how to create U bracket sheetmetal.
1. Click New.
Click Part,

2. Click Front Plane and click on Sketch.
Use Line
Sketch U shape. Dimension sketch with Smart Dimension

3. Click Off
Set Entities and click U sketch. Set offset distance 
Check Reverse box and OK.

4. Use Line, sketch and connected open end of this sketch and make it close both end.

5. Click Features>Extruded Boss/Base
Set D1 and OK.

6. Click View>Bottom
Click on bottom face and click Sketch.

7. Click Circle and sketch 2 circle on bottom face each side. 
Use Smart Dimension to dimension this sketch as sketched below.

8. Click Features>Extruded Cutand cut Through All this circle.

9. Click View>Isometric.

10. Click Fillet, check box Full round fillet.

11. Click side left side face as Side Face 1.

12. Click on purple box and click center face as Center Face Set.

13. Click on pink box and click right side face as Side Face Set2 and OK.

14. Repeat step 11 – 13 for the other side.

15. Repeat step 11 – 13 for inner face and outer face of U bracket.

16. Click Sheetmetal>Insert Bends
Click flat face as reference when it flatten. 
Set bend radius and K factor and OK.

17. Your simple sheetmetal bend is ready. Look at part tree.

18. To view this part in flatten form click Sheetmetal>Flatten.

How to Engrave or Emboss Text on a Part in SolidWorks

How to Engrave or Emboss Text on a Part in SolidWorks

1. Click New (File>New) , click OK .

2. Click Option (Tools>Option…)
Select Document Properties tab. 
Select Units.
Under Unit System select IPS (inch, pound, second) OK .

3. Select Top Plane , from lower left menu select Normal To.  

4. Click Sketch in Command Manager, 
Click Rectangle. 

5. Pick Origin point as starting point.
Drag to right hand side no need to be exact the size will define in later step. 
Press keyboard ESC to end rectangle sketch.

6. Define sketch with dimension. 
Click Smart Dimensiong.
Start dimensioning pick vertical line and horizontal line.
Press keyboard ESC to end smart dimension.

7. Build feature from sketch. 
Click Features and activate features menu. 
Click Extruded Boss/Base and set.

8. Click front top face.
Click Tools>>Sketch Entities>>Text…

9. Input text in text box, to change font type and size uncheck use document font. Click Font… set height to Points 10 OK.
10. Click to part face to relocate text to center.
11. To engrave the text.
Click Features.
Click Extruded Cut.
Click Isometric from lower left view menu.


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How to Twist Phone Cord

Learn how to create twist phone cord… with you mouse

Learn how to create twist phone cord… with you mouse First you need to have spiral, with circle base 2″ , 2 revolution and 2 pitch. Don’t know how? Refer this tutorial;

Now add a plane at end of spiral, select parallel to front plane.

Sketch a circle on Plane2, 0.08″ and 0.15 height. Click Swept Boss/Base.

Select Sketch3 as profile and Helix/Spiral1 as path.

Open up Options and set Twist Along Path, define by Turns and 50 turns.

How to Create USB Head

We can see almost every PC device having USB interface, in fact this USB head I model by my USB mouse connector. Look simple right? Nope.. that what I’ve realize after half way done this tutorial. It’s take 37 pages of 58 steps to complete...
In this solidworks tutorial you will learn extrude boss/base, extruded cut, linear pattern and circular pattern. The best part is it’s free! You can share with your friends and I encourage you to!

How to Create Bottle Cap

I get this idea from my medicine bottle cap, the tips here show you how you can use extrude up to the face function.
1. Click New, Click Part 
and OK.
2. Click on Top Plane 
and click Sketch.

3. Click Circle
and sketch start at Origin, 
click Smart Dimension 
and dimension the circle as 1.0in diameter.
4. Click Features>Extrude Boss/Base
set the D1 to 0.5in
5. Click Fillet, set fillet size as 0.1in, select top face of the part
6. Turn the part to view bottom side, set D1 as 0.05in, click Shell, select bottom face
7. Click Isometric View, click on Front Plane
and click on Reference Geometry > Plane.
Set distance to 0.65in
8. Click Plane1 and click Sketch.
9. Click Rectangle, sketch on Plane1 as sketched below and use Smart Dimension for your dimensioning.
10. Click Features>Extrude Boss/Base
set the Up To Surface
11. Click Fillet, set fillet size as 0.1in, select side edge of the lid.
12. And you’re done!

How to Create Turbo Fins

How to Create Turbo Fins